Please give your general feedback about the Sycamore programme on this page in the comments section below. If you have feedback about individual videos, then please leave this in the comments below each video – please go to the main video page here, and then follow the link to the individual videos.

We are very grateful for any comments or suggestions you leave – either from your first impressions on seeing the materials, or from your experience of running the programme in your own context. These videos are a Beta version of the programme: i.e. they have been trialed in two pastoral contexts (a university chaplaincy and a Cathedral parish); they are now available for public use; but they will be re-edited over the next few months, in response to user feedback that we receive, and new vox pop interviews will be filmed.

Please do take the time to leave constructive feedback – it is greatly appreciated.

13 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. I have just looked at the website and watched the first film and feel already very drawn to the programme. The approach is both intelligent and simple – key components for good teaching. I am a secondary RE teacher in Scotland (Western Isles) and was looking for something relevant and inspiring for my class of 16-year-olds. It will be interesting to see how it goes! Thank you. I appreciate the good work that has gone into this.


    1. Yes it is a good tool for schools, but to fill the Church i can’t see it doing that for the whole body of Christ
      i thought the first young man was the most impressive, as his thanking was his parents and schooling and education, and the next thing he said that was also powerful was his ability to learn and share the Word of God that helped to help him grow in Jesus. Then his third question was great, as it strengthened him to be aware of Gods Presence in his life. i see the Word of God brings you Closer to knowing and living with the Trinity with in God


  2. Dear Fr Stephen and all the team

    Congratulations on a mighty effort!

    I think you have taken the right approach – start with common experience, yearnings and concerns and build from there.

    Stephen your presentations are great – warm, accessible and relevant.

    My only concern is one you have noted in some of your replies … audio quality.

    When you are in your office/library it is good, but outdoor shots have too much wind and extraneous noise. My son is a lecturer in film and recently informed me of a wonderful new lapel mic that plugs into an iPhone.

    I recorded a recent RCIA conference with fantastic results – superb sound with no background noise. All this for under $AUD 90 (about 50 UK) – Rode Smart Lav.

    That aside I think you have all done a magnificent job. Gracias and blessings to all the team.

    Rob Cosgrove
    Evangelisation Brisbane
    Archdiocese of Brisbane


    1. Thanks for your encouraging comments Rob. Yes, wind and traffic!! We used a Lav Mike for my input, but some of the vox pops we had to use a boom and only later did we realise how difficult the editing would be. We are really hoping to re-film everything next summer with higher quality equipment and a bit more planning time. Please keep this in your prayers; and best wishes for your own work in Brisbane.


  3. Great initiative! This is purely thinking outside the box. Like St. Paul “becoming all things to all in order to win some for Christ”. I am really interested in your expression “…allowing them to meet Christ in their own time, on their own terms, just as Zacchaeus did in the streets of Jericho.” Is it possible to explain this further? Thank you Fr. Wang


    1. Dear Francis, thanks for the comment. I like the story of Zacchaeus because (like all of us) he was a unique individual, with his own struggles; and instead of being overwhelmed by them he had the courage to search for Jesus, climbing the tree; and the simplicity to say yes when Jesus welcomed him; and the generosity and humility to change his life when he was challenged by Jesus. It’s a very personal story; it doesn’t fit into a template.


  4. I am unable to run the “How to run Sycamore” links / videos. What do I need to do to do this?

    Great series.

    Bernard Dromgoole


  5. Dear Fr Wang/helper

    A bit thank you for sharing freely the videos,
    We are planning to use the Sycamore programme in our parish. One of the person interested is very hear of hearing, and I wondered whether you had a script for the videos, or there was subtitles available?

    Many thanks


  6. Hi there,
    I would like to use this material in prison. Is it possible to have discs made and sent to me?

    We cannot access the internet for prisoners and downloading these videos is not something I can do, but having looked at the material, it would be ideal for catechesis and evangelisation, hence my request for discs or another form of delivery

    I do hope you can assist
    Kind regards

    Deacon Gary May
    Managing Chaplain
    HMP Isle of Wight (Prison)


    1. Dear Deacon May
      Thanks for the enquiry and it’s great if you can experiment with Sycamore in the prison – we hope it goes well. We don’t have discs available unfortunately – I’d say the simplest thing is for you to ask for help from someone at your end. It is very straightforward to download the films (just click the DOWNLOAD button on the Vimeo site for each film, eg here for film 1: ), so it just takes some advice from anyone with minimal computer skills at your end and then they can copy the film onto a usb stick or burn it onto a dvd. I hope that helps. With best wishes. Fr Stephen


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