These testimonies come from people who have been involved in Sycamore over the last few months.

From a group leader:

We used Sycamore to introduce a group of about 18 people to the Catholic faith. Most of them had little or no Christian background. I love how these short videos announce the Gospel message, the ‘kerygma’, in an attractive and clear way.

We found Sycamore to be extremely effective in helping those who were curious about Christianity to become open to a relationship with Christ. The structure of each video encourages the building of community within the group, especially through the discussion questions.

In my view, Sycamore is the perfect starting-point for evangelisation, and can be a springboard to deeper catechesis.

From a participant:

I think the most compelling thing about Sycamore is the open discussions which we have every week. As a non-Christian coming into Sycamore, I always felt welcome. All I was asked was to come in with an open mind.

I was never compelled to come back or cajoled into attending something I do not want to; yet I always looked forward to coming back to learn more from the discussions we have.

From a participant:

Being a part of Sycamore this year was truly enriching. Although I didn’t know what to expect at first, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I learnt things about my faith that I never knew before, and it was fulfilling to watch those who weren’t Catholics learn about God and the Church in an open and non-judgmental environment.

Such an amazing experience for those who want to learn more about faith, regardless of whether they are already religious or not.

From a participant:

A good book will always leave me with questions to ponder, whereas a bad book will often hand me the answers. Just like any good book, these thought provoking videos did not simply hand me the answers, but rather they gave me questions to contemplate.