How to run Sycamore 8: The prayer team


Evangelisation is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit inspires us to share our faith with others, and to invite them to faith. Any fruitful work of evangelisation is founded on the faith of those involved, and the prayer of the wider community.

One key part of Sycamore and of any evangelisation project is having a dedicated prayer ministry: a team of people who feel a special calling or charism to pray for evangelisation and for those involved in this project.

This can be very simple: To ask the wider community if anyone would like to be involved in praying for Sycamore and all those involved; and then to get these volunteers to plan however they wish to carry forward this ministry. They may wish to pray alone, at home, in their own time, in their own way.

If possible, however, it is good if they can meet to pray as a group: To meet before Sycamore begins, for God’s blessing on this work, and especially that people will be inspired to come as guests, and that members of the community will be inspired to ask people to come.

And if possible it is good if the group can pray together at the same time that each Sycamore session is happening: not necessarily for the five hours of cooking, preparing, meeting and reviewing; but at least for some of the time as people begin the session. E.g. to meet for the first half hour of the meeting, while people are gathering and eating, to entrust them to the Lord, and to call down his Holy Spirit upon the group that is presently meeting.

This time of prayer can take any form – as long as the group is praying for evangelisation in general, and for those involved in Sycamore in particular.

For those who would like to see one model of prayer that was written for the Sycamore Group at Newman House Catholic Centre, please see the Prayer Resources here.

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