A huge number of people have been involved in Sycamore and in producing the films. The credits from the films are copied below to acknowledge them and their dedication.

SYCAMORE: Thinking about life and faith

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Eddie Morton (Anchor Studios)

Written, Presented and Produced by Fr Stephen Wang

Additional Filming by Michael Desbruslais, Martin O’Brien, Mariah Wilde and Fr Stephen Wang

Additional Editing by Michael Desrublais

A huge thank you to those who were interviewed for the discussion questions:

  • Marc Norris
  • Anna Gavurin
  • Nathan Lobo
  • Mariah Wilde
  • Barbara Adaikpoh
  • Quique Requero
  • Roy North
  • Radha North
  • Dominique Rouse
  • Matt Blaney
  • Miles Duncan
  • Hannah Moran
  • Hannah Woolley
  • Ryan Cher
  • Kirsten-Mary Brown
  • Andrawes Al Bahou
  • Alexander Johnson

SYCAMORE logo originally designed by Kathy Kielty –

These films could not have been produced without the support and encouragement of the following people and organisations. We are hugely grateful for the many different ways that you have supported the project:

  • Newman House University Chaplaincy, Archdiocese of Westminster
  • The Diocese of Portsmouth
  • The Diocese of Plymouth
  • Mike Roche and the team at Alpha International
  • Youth 2000
  • Ten Ten Theatre
  • David Payne and the team at CaFE (Catholic Faith Exploration)
  • Bunty Morton and Noah
  • Martin O’Brien
  • Michael Desbruslais
  • Chris Castell
  • Kirsten-Mary Brown
  • Megan Tennant
  • Eléonore Claret
  • Gregory Jackson
  • Leo Rajiv
  • Vianney Sechet
  • Agata Kowalska
  • Natalie Yap
  • Miles Duncan
  • Piers Mulroney
  • Stephanie Mengu
  • Ellise Lim
  • Tim Sandhu
  • Faith Anderson
  • Amelia Lim
  • Barbara Adaikpoh
  • Cathaline Tangau
  • Gregory Gan
  • Roy Goh
  • Fr Paul Grogan
  • Clare Watkins
  • Fr Martin Boland