Film 6: Can we trust the Bible and the Christian Tradition?

To download this video, please visit the VIMEO site here and click the DOWNLOAD button.

For ENGLISH SUBTITLES use the [CC] button on the bottom right of the online videos, but to download videos with subtitles for future use please visit the special subtitled film on VIMEO here, and follow the download instructions.

[Some of the audio quality and the sound balance on the interview sections of the film needs improving. We are working on this and will upload an improved version of the film over the summer. You might prefer to watch this video with English subtitles: see above]

To give specific feedback about this film and the sessions you have run using this film, please leave comments on this page in the ‘Reply’ section below. But to leave general feedback about the Sycamore programme, please comment on the main Feedback page – follow this link.

2 thoughts on “Film 6: Can we trust the Bible and the Christian Tradition?

  1. I am one of the Discussion Group Facilitators in Jersey , C.I. being run by Father Benjamin Theobald, and apart from getting great pleasure from the Course myself, it is truly Wonderful to see what inspiration and Joy it is giving to the People who come to every session.
    Thank You so much. – Peter B Jersey Island Parish..


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