Film 3: Who is Jesus Christ?

To download this video, please visit the VIMEO site here and click the DOWNLOAD button.

For ENGLISH SUBTITLES use the [CC] button on the bottom right of the online videos, but to download videos with subtitles for future use please visit the special subtitled film on VIMEO here, and follow the download instructions.


When the PAUSE button appears for the 2nd and 3rd discussion questions, two questions appear on the screen at the same time for discussion. For example, see the screen-shot below from 8.08:


The first question is the same as that used during the interviews that come just before; the second question is slightly deeper and more explicitly religious. In this way, people with no religious background or opinions will be able to discuss the first question (e.g. in the example above, the first question opens up a discussion about the human desire for a better world, and our implicit longing for God to bring help and healing). But those who wish to go deeper, or who have a wider experience of Christianity, can follow-on with the second question in their discussion groups. It is up to the discussion group leaders to decide where to take the discussion and which questions to use.

[To give specific feedback about this film and the sessions you have run using this film, please leave comments on this page in the ‘Reply’ section below. But to leave general feedback about the Sycamore programme, please comment on the main Feedback page – follow this link.]

1 thought on “Film 3: Who is Jesus Christ?

  1. And just watched the session on Jesus Christ. It’s excellent. The good thing about these sessions is they’re jargon-free whilst simultaneously going into the depths of the Gospel. These sessions could be one-off sessions but I hope to run a course, building up trust along the way…confidence to explore the questions is important with a course like this.


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