Film 2: Does God exist?

To download this video, please visit the VIMEO site here and click the DOWNLOAD button.

For ENGLISH SUBTITLES use the [CC] button on the bottom right of the online videos, but to download videos with subtitles for future use please visit the special subtitled film on VIMEO here, and follow the download instructions.

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6 thoughts on “Film 2: Does God exist?

  1. I was pleased to find these videos but disappointed that many of the young people’s replies were inaudible due to extraneous noises. However, the talks are very good and I might use them with an evangelizing group. thank you.


    1. Thanks for the comments Kathy. We are in the process of putting English subtitles onto all the films, so this will help slightly with understanding the interviews… The first two films should be up by the weekend.


  2. A really good set of videos – very accessible, but also very deep in content.

    Fr J-P told me about these and am pleased to have watched them all.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement and the comment Matthew. I think this is a big gap; and we need to think about making the text richer (but not longer!) for the next version. I have a page of notes and your comment will help us in the re-writes.


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