Film 1: The search for happiness

To download this video, please visit the VIMEO site here and click the DOWNLOAD button.

For ENGLISH SUBTITLES use the [CC] button on the bottom right of the online videos, but to download videos with subtitles for future use please visit the special subtitled film on VIMEO here, and follow the download instructions.

To give specific feedback about this film and the sessions you have run using this film, please leave comments on this page in the ‘Reply’ section below. But to leave general feedback about the Sycamore programme, please comment on the main Feedback page – follow this link.

6 thoughts on “Film 1: The search for happiness

  1. I will definitely use the video with the Ghanaian Catholic chaplaincy youth group. Please keep me posted with more inspirational topics tofill our thirst for more. Well done


    1. That’s great to know Gifty. Please let us know how it goes, and do leave any feedback on the feedback page. We will be praying it goes well.


  2. I am hoping to use the Sycamore programme with College vi formers and staff. I like the blend of vox pops, theology, music, discussion questions and film…


  3. We are starting to use Sycamore as part of our Journey in Faith course which begins this evening – 4 October 2016. Please keep in your prayers all of us who taking part in the course, at St Mary and St Thomas More, Cannock.


  4. We are looking at several resources to enkindle a new and fresh approach to Faith Formation in the Diocese of Dunkeld. We are keen on using Sycamore in some way. Thank you for your generous offering of these resources. I look forward to the ongoing conversations of faith. Mary O’Duffin


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