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  1. Hello!
    In my role as Director of RCIA, I’ve been looking at Sycamore as a potential initial entry point for the inquiry period. My question is….when will you have the video series completed? I’d like to start using it this fall of 2015.

    I’ve reviewed and attended the ALPHA training class and have serious concerns about how the Catholic aspect is tacked on to the end with Fr. Mallon’s supplements. Also have been looking at ChristLife, and think you have a better product for may reasons.

    If you are looking for feedback, I’d say that you should anticipate an international audience by trying to get some people without English accents so that we Americans and others can understand what they are saying. The group shots are particularly difficult to understand….the close ups are much better.

    Lastly, although I know you are filming this on a college campus, it might be nice to show a bit more variety in age groups, as I think your product will appeals to parishes as well.

    AND THANK YOU!!! for giving those of us in the trenches a great evangelization tool.


    1. Thanks for the really helpful feedback. We hope the videos will be finished in the next two weeks, so they will be ready for use in July. Interesting what you say about accents: part of the reason for doing Sycamore was to have more resources with English accents! (Because we have so many great resources from the States). But I agree about making the series as broad and accessible as possible; and in fact some of the sound quality on the interviews is below par. If there is a demand, then we have two options for a second version: (1) To re-film everything, with a new script, perhaps new presenters, and new interviews; or (2) to go half-way and re-shoot the interviews with a wider range of interviewees, and better quality sound; and perhaps even new discussion questions based on the feedback we do; but to keep the same input sections. So please do sign up for the emails; and we will keep you posted. And if/when you use the films, we will really appreciate your feedback on how the course has gone. Best wishes from the UK…


  2. Hi, I am priest in Nigeria. I came across a piece on the sycamore program on The Tablet. I find the idea interesting. I am involve in primary evangelization in the north of Nigeria and would like to know how we can get this resource to experiment in our parish.


  3. Hi, I am writing from India. I really like the concept and videos but my concern is the same as the one mentioned above – about the difficulty of people in some countries to understand the accent. I would really be happy if we could have sub-titles to begin with.

    I want to use this with a group of young people so do let me know!


    1. Dear Grace – thanks for the suggestion. Even when using Sycamore here in London we have had the request for subtitles from some of our international students. We are going to look into it over the next few weeks, and see how easily it can be done. Please sign up to FOLLOW Sycamore by email on the right-hand sidebar, and then we will alert people by email and in the news section if we have any more information. With best wishes.


    1. Dear John
      Sorry for my very late reply… I haven’t heard anything from Southern Ireland yet, and I see that no-one else has commented here yet. Please do let us know if you hear of anything else yourself. Best wishes for the course, and please do put any comments or feedback in the users area. Best wishes


  4. Hi, I work for a new website for discipleship resources called Trove (www.discipleshiptrove.com). I’d love to talk to you about working together and perhaps putting some information about Sycamore on our site. Is there an email address I can contact you on?


    1. Dear Sister Hughes – thanks for the question. I don’t know the online scene well. As for DVDs we have used Symbolon which is good but requires some background:
      and the CaFE resources here:
      with best wishes
      Fr Stephen


  5. I am trying to revamp a program for reaching out to members of the Church who no longer go. What’s missing in programs I’ve looked at, so far, is Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It appears we are, once again, trying to get people to fall in love with the Church. I would love to run Sycamore as a full program in the future but for the moment would like to know if it would be possible to use the film on the Holy Spirit (in isolation) in a newly formed parish program for reaching out to the lapsed. Not found anything quite right yet for a session on Jesus. God bless.


  6. Dear Marian – thanks for your interest. Of course you are very welcome to use the videos in whatever way you think is best for your needs. I hope it goes well. Do post any feedback here or suggestions. Best wishes. Fr Stephen


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