Sycamore Redevelopment Plans

Because of all the positive feedback and encouragement we have received over the last few months, things are finally moving forward with the Sycamore redevelopment plans. There is a brief summary below, and more details will be shared over the next few weeks… Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us to move forward with the project. Please keep this project in your prayers!

The Sycamore programme is currently being redeveloped and will – if all goes well – be relaunched in January 2019. Plans include: rewriting and refilming the first ten films as “Sycamore Series 1” (available from Dec 2018 for use in January 2019); developing a follow-on programme of ten films as “Sycamore Series 2” which will take participants deeper into the Christian faith (available in the summer of 2019); sharing short sections of the films as stand-alone YouTube videos to create an online library of apologetic and catechetical materials; developing materials to train Sycamore leaders; co-publishing resources and follow-on materials for participants and the wider public.

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