Sycamore: English subtitles nearly finished


We are delighted to announce that the English subtitles are just being finished for the ten Sycamore videos. There are many reasons why having English subtitles will be a great help for the programme and for many users:

  • Many participants do not have English as a first language, and so having subtitles makes the films easier to follow and understand
  • Some of the audio quality is below par, especially in the interviews, and the subtitles will help people to follow the responses without straining to hear
  • Some people just like having subtitles to read even if they are following the audio without trouble!

Subtitles will be available in two formats:

  1. If you watch the normal Vimeo video, there is a blue “[CC]” button in the bottom right-hand corner which allows you to choose the English subtitles. E.g. see FILM 1 here.
  2. But if you need to download the video with subtitles, then you can choose the special video that has subtitles embedded in the video itself, which will then be downloaded. E.g. see FILM 1 (with CC subtitles) here.

At present (5 Jan) only the first film is available; but the others should be finished in the next couple of weeks.


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