Sycamore subtitles?


This comment came from Grace:

Hi, I am writing from India. I really like the concept and videos but my concern is the same as the one mentioned above – about the difficulty of people in some countries to understand the accent. I would really be happy if we could have sub-titles to begin with. I want to use this with a group of young people so do let me know!

She is not the first to ask about subtitles. When we used the films here in London at the University Chaplaincy Centre a few of the international students were saying that subtitles would help. And it’s interesting that whenever the students put on a DVD just for their own entertainment they usually switch the subtitles on because they are coming from so many different backgrounds and it makes it easier to follow even if their English is very good.

What do you think? Will adding subtitles make Sycamore easier to use?

1 thought on “Sycamore subtitles?

  1. I would agree that it is often much easier to follow a film or any sort of presentation using subtitles, especially when the desire is to appeal to people of different backgrounds and languages. It is definitely an advantage and it would enable more people to follow the DVD, film etc.


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