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Sycamore groups starting up throughout the UK


It is good to see people posting about the Sycamore groups they hope to start over the next few weeks. We have copied a couple of responses below to give you a taste of what is happening.

See the Register Your Group page for updates. And if you are even just considering running a group, why not share your information in the comments at this page, or in the Facebook Users Group here.

This is from St John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth

We used Sycamore as the first stage in our RCIA process. We run 12 ‘enquiry sessions’ for anyone who wants to know more about Christ and the Catholic faith. These repeat each term all year round. Each session is just an hour long, with refreshments, followed by the video and discussion. At the end, we finished with a personal testimony of coming to know Christ from someone in the parish.

We found Sycamore to be perfect for our audience. It was non-threatening and helped people relax. By the end of the sessions, they had heard the kerygma and many felt convicted enough to make the decision to become a disciple of Christ and follow him in his Church.

I would definitely recommend it for the first stage of RCIA!

This is from a London school teacher

I will use Sycamore as a secondary RE teacher across the Year groups that I teach from 11 -18, particularly as we look at topics such as ‘Does God exist?’ And other units in philosophy of religion and ultimate questions…. This can be useful in a formal setting such as in Yr 9 when students need to critically evaluate God’s existence as well as in more informal settings in General RE in the sixth form which can be more of a faith sharing experience…also some topics are very useful for explaining ‘Why yet church matters’ … Which can link to many RE schemes of work.