Sycamore USERS GROUP on facebook


We have just set up a SYCAMORE USERS GROUP on Facebook. This group is for anyone involved in running Sycamore in their parish, school, chaplaincy, etc. It is a place to share experiences, ask advice from each other, offer suggestions about how to run the programme effectively, and give feedback to the Sycamore team.

If you are actively involved in running a Sycamore group, or if you are just thinking about how you might use the Sycamore resources, please take a look at the Group here and do join up if you think it might interest you.

There is a danger of setting up too many online presences for any programme, but it does seem that Facebook is a better way of keeping a dynamic conversation going than a static website – even if the website has good comment facilities. So we hope the website will be the main source of information, and the Facebook site will be more like an ongoing conversation for users. Let us know what you think.

The photo is a group from Newman House Catholic Chaplaincy, many of whom were involved in the launch of Sycamore in January 2015.


5 thoughts on “Sycamore USERS GROUP on facebook

  1. Hello Sycamore group, excited to have agreed with the Principal at St Matthew Academy on the last day of term that we start a Sycamore group after October half-term at SMA – about 12 members of staff initially. The motivation came via Barbara Ring at the Education Commission during our Chaplain’s retreat at St Vincent’s. There was concern amongst us that we weren’t finding ways of engaging our non-Catholic or non-practising Catholic members of staff. Really hopeful that the programme will help them feel less fearful of what they think they don’t know (!) – and hopefully invite more staff to take part if things go well. Will be doing some reading/watching/planning over the summer holidays and look forward to keeping in touch.
    (Senior Lay Chaplain, St Matthew Academy, Lewisham)


    1. That’s great news Jane – thanks for sharing this. It’s the first we have heard of colleges using it with staff, which is really exciting. Please do re-post and update this info on the REGISTER page nearer the time so we can get a sense of all the different groups using Sycamore; and I hope you have some good discussions on the Users Group. Best wishes


  2. A Great Idea, we are about to start our Sycamore Group this coming Tuesday here in Jersey C.I. I will be pleased to let you know how it go,s . I am very exited to be a part of this Course and what I and others I am sure will learn from it.


      1. Thank you for your good wishes , our Bishop has just made a Pastoral visit to our Jersey Parish and I could not stop myself saying how much I and around 70 People from all over the Island love our Tuesday Evening Sycamore Meetings. Thank You for your Prayers, I will pass on News to my Group.this coming Tuesday.


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