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“Users Area” now available on the Sycamore site


A new USERS AREA has been added to the Sycamore site. This points you to the various ways that you can register your group, give feedback, and get involved in ongoing discussion via the Facebook Users Group. See the main page here; and see the links below copied from the page itself.

  • Register your group: For those who are running a group or thinking about starting one
  • Facebook Users Group: For those actively involved in running a group, to share ideas and questions with each other via Facebook
  • Feedback: To leave feedback and suggestions for the Sycamore team, to help the development of the project
  • Discussion Questions: A full list of the questions that are used in each of the Sycamore films, so that group leaders can see what is coming up in each discussion and if necessary prepare supplementary questions to broaden or deepen the discussions
  • Prayer Resources: Sample prayers and prayer templates that can be used by the Prayer Teams

Sycamore USERS GROUP on facebook


We have just set up a SYCAMORE USERS GROUP on Facebook. This group is for anyone involved in running Sycamore in their parish, school, chaplaincy, etc. It is a place to share experiences, ask advice from each other, offer suggestions about how to run the programme effectively, and give feedback to the Sycamore team.

If you are actively involved in running a Sycamore group, or if you are just thinking about how you might use the Sycamore resources, please take a look at the Group here and do join up if you think it might interest you.

There is a danger of setting up too many online presences for any programme, but it does seem that Facebook is a better way of keeping a dynamic conversation going than a static website – even if the website has good comment facilities. So we hope the website will be the main source of information, and the Facebook site will be more like an ongoing conversation for users. Let us know what you think.

The photo is a group from Newman House Catholic Chaplaincy, many of whom were involved in the launch of Sycamore in January 2015.


Finished (well, the end of the beginning…)

We are delighted to report that all ten Sycamore videos are now available to view and download – and to use! You can follow the links below for the films for each of the ten sessions.

It would be nice to say that everything is now finished, but this is really just the end of Phase 1: the website is set up as a resource for those interested in running the programme; the Beta versions of each film are now available; they are ready to use and trial in whatever context you wish; and we hope very much that people will begin to leave feedback about what it has been like to run the sessions.

But the videos still need some improvements. The audio quality is not perfect, especially on some of the interviews. We will try to improve this with some clever editing over the summer. Ultimately, however, if there is enough demand, we hope to re-film the sessions to create an even better resource. But this depends on lots of factors…

Given all the constraints and pressures, we are delighted with the work so far. We hope that you enjoy using the films and running Sycamore as much as we have. And we pray that it will help in some small way in your work of mission and evangelisation.

With best wishes – The Sycamore Team

Film 1: The search for happiness

Film 2: Does God exist?

Film 3: Who is Jesus Christ?

Film 4: The Holy Spirit in our lives

Film 5: Why do we need the Church?

Film 6: Can we trust the Bible and the Christian Tradition?

Film 7 [or Retreat Day, morning session]: The gift of faith

Film 8 [or Retreat Day, afternoon session]: The power of prayer

Film 9: The meaning of love

Film 10: How do I discover the purpose of my life?