Monthly Archives: May 2015

Sycamore in the family


It was good to hear from Natalie (see the picture above) about her ideas for Sycamore. She has been watching the films online, and wants to use them with her son as a supplement to his confirmation programme. So she intends to sit down and watch the Holy Spirit Video (Film 4) with the family, and to go through the discussion questions as they are set out in the videos. This wasn’t the first setting we had in mind when we were designing Sycamore – home education and family catechesis – but it is great that it is being used in different and unexpected ways.

Post-exam Sycamore courses


Fr Paul Grogan has been in touch with the Sycamore team recently. He is the Chaplain at Leeds Trinity University.

It’s interesting to hear about the different ways that people are thinking about using Sycamore. Instead of running a weekly programme (which would be very difficult to organise over the summer vacation at the university), the chaplaincy is thinking about running an intensive post-exam Sycamore experience for the many students who are still on campus over the next few weeks.

They haven’t made any final decisions yet, but it might take the form of showing the first few videos as a mini-Sycamore evangelisation course, with one session each lunchtime or evening for three or four days in a row – almost like a retreat or mission experience.

We’ll keep you posted. And please do let us know about the different ways that you are thinking about using Sycamore: you can leave comments on the Feedback page.